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Hands-On: Touch My Katamari for PS Vita


Available Now: PlayStation Vita

By Jacob Williams

PlayStation has come out with their latest handheld device, the PS Vita. Most of the features of the Vita are designed to enhance gameplay. For example, the screen, analog sticks, and motion sensors.

The screen was designed to show brilliant picture, on a 5” OLED screen, while allowing you to control what you see more easily. It can display approximately 16 million colors. The screen has also been given enhanced touchscreen abilities. The multi-touch display allows for a better job of completing tasks or taking first place. A touchpad on the back also allows for angle adjustments and pinpoint movements.  

There are also two analog sticks so that you can take better control of your character. New motion sensors also allow you to control movement by tilting the device. The new PS Vita brings you better ways to take control of the action. 

Backed by AT&T’s Mobile Broadband Network, you can connect to the internet with 3G or Wi-Fi. Compete in multiplayer games, access real-time scores and rankings, and text with friends. And with built-in GPS, you can find, connect, and play with friends. 

You can also cross play between PS3 consoles and PS Vitas. Pause a games on your PS3, and pick it up on the go with your Vita. Multiplayer games also work between PS3 and Vita consoles. And with the front and rear cameras, see your friends while playing with them. Even go into augmented reality to experience the game in your own world. 

Many new games are available with the Vita. The list includes Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Wipeout 2048, and Fifa Soccer. 

Fifa Soccer uses the touchscreen to allow for pinpoint shooting and passing. Swipe your finger during free kicks to bend it like Beckham. Get creative and precise with your passing too by using the touchscreen. Head-to-head matches take place online as well, where you can create online leagues to compete with friends and work your way to the top of the leaderboards. 

All these features will transform the Vita into an easy to use, amazing gaming device. With many awesome ways to play, you are more in control of your play than ever. All the new games will use these great features as well, so you can do all new things in all new games.